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when you can’t, you can // r.e.s

    “I knew you were beautiful
    without ever having to see you,
    because the way
    you spoke
    unnerved the butterflies
    resting in my stomach, and I
    could feel their wings brushing up
    against each other,
    they were so excited to
    hear that voice,
    and I was so excited, too,
    and you were so
    so beautiful.
    More than that, you
    were the fire that warmed
    my heart until
    I could finally feel again.”

    You // r.e.s

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    “You helped me recognise that there is both beauty in distant city lights from all angles, and in a pitch black sky, lit up only by the thousands of starts littered across it. I may not be thankful for the way that you left me, but I will forever be grateful for that.”

    A gift // r.e.s

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    i couldn’t decide which i liked better (r.e.s)

    “It wasn’t the same as with
    other people. When I lost you, I mean.
    It wasn’t the same.
    Because, when I lost you
    my heart scarred in all of the
    places you had touched it. Every
    pretty word you’d said to me
    became ugly, every laugh I had laughed
    for you was replaced with staring
    at the wall for an hour, wondering if
    I was dreaming. When I lost you,
    I thought that maybe I hadn’t lost you
    at all. I thought you’d pick up the
    phone and call, or at least send a message.
    When I lost you, I lost a piece of myself.
    Because, you came into my life with a bang,
    changing the way I viewed
    people, and city lights, and stars,
    and everything. And losing someone
    who changes everything hurts.
    It more than hurts. It turns feet into
    heavy blocks that you can’t lift for days,
    and it makes your lips so sore
    that you won’t open them to speak.
    But when I lost you, I missed
    you, and I hated you, and it hurt
    so much I couldn’t even cry.
    But it’s okay.
    When I lost you, I lost a piece
    of myself, but new pieces have grown
    in its place, and it’s okay.
    It’s okay.”

    WHEN I LOST YOU // r.e.s

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    I made sure I ate
    breakfast, lunch, dinner
    today, and with each
    bite I thought,
    ‘I am alive, I am alive, I am

    I used my legs to walk
    through fields
    and meadows and
    rivers this week,
    and with each step I thought,
    ‘I am alive, I am alive, I am

    My heart is on fire,
    I have a voice that likes to
    sing, I have books I like
    to read, I have notebooks filled
    with drawings and papers
    full of words, and
    I am alive.

    I’ll be damned if my life
    is worth burning off everything
    I eat, or refusing to make a
    sound, because god forbid someone
    hears my voice.

    I am alive and I am going
    to act as such.

    Alive | r.e.s

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I wish I had // r.e.s

    “i loved you with shaking hands
    and brittle bones, with
    a heart that was empty and
    broken and alone,
    with eyes that could see
    you but not very well, because
    they started to cry as soon as i fell.
    i loved you with patience
    and restlessness both, and
    a head that was thinking in musical
    notes, with a mind that was
    busy most of the day,
    and even though we talked often
    i didn’t have much to say.
    so i loved you with
    greed and hunger and passion
    and a constant fear that
    something i said would make
    you snap, with jealousy
    and eagerness, and legs
    that would break, with a heart
    that didn’t have a clue how
    much it could take.
    and i’d ask you if i was worth
    the days that were rough,
    but i just want to know
    why you let me go, said
    the good days were good
    but the bad ones were too
    much; and wasn’t
    the fact that i loved you

    I LOVED YOU (wasn’t it enough?) // r.e.s

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    what other good poem accounts do you follow?


    I don’t really follow poetry blogs! 

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    write more soon !


    I’ll try to!

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    how do you become so talented in your writing? what did you do?


    Awh thanks! ^^ 

    This advice is super overused, but I read constantly, and I write constantly. My writing a year or two ago? It was so terrible. And in a year I’ll probably look back on what I’ve written today and think it’s terrible, too. However, at least I can compare my work and realise that I’m so much better now than I was then. 

    But yeah, reading has really, really helped. I’ve noticed the more I read, the more I get into the mood to write, and the more I write, the better I get. Read a variety of books, too. Obviously it’s fine to have staple books that you go back to, but try reading things that are out of your comfort zone. And read some poetry! 

    Also, write about anything and everything. Literally. Write about waiting in traffic lights, or burnt toast, or bedsheets. Find new ways to describe things. This sounds weird, but you’ll broaden your vocab and your writing will improve. Do crosswords. I mean, I don’t do that, but I should.

    Okay last thing: don’t be too hard on yourself. If you write something and it sucks, that’s okay because at least you’ve written something. If you start hating something you write, leave it. Leave it somewhere in a folder on your computer and don’t come back to it for months. Then you’ll have a fresh mind and you’ll be able to work through it without feeling sick of it. 

    Just keep reading, keep writing, and don’t think too much about it.

    Hope this helped!!! Have a lovely day.

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    what do you do when you have writers block? when your thoughts advocate your mind and you have so much to say but you can't?


    Honestly, when that happens, I usually just don’t write. If my mind is completely full with thoughts, I’ll tend to just wait until they pass, or do something to distract myself. I just have to trust that eventually I’ll find a thought I can grab onto long enough to hold onto it and make something out of it. 

    Sometimes though, I might get lots of ideas at once, and instead of letting them go, I’ll grab my phone and start all of them, without the pressure of having to finish them, if that makes sense. I know that I can come back to them later and make them into a poem or something if I want to, or just leave them if I don’t. It’s nice to have them somewhere though.

    I know this might not have helped, but I kind of just go with how I’m feeling in the moment, and sometimes having lots of thoughts is fun because it means I get to write poem after poem after poem, or story after story after story, but sometimes, when I have lots of thoughts, I decide I don’t want to hold onto them. 

    Also, in terms of general writers block (where I’m simply stuck and have no clue what to write), I’ll just have a go-to topic, which is usually love or loneliness, and I’ll try and describe them in different ways, or pull experiences up that involve them, and start from there. And going for walks is nice for observing. And keep a diary. Even if what you end up writing in it is completely random or doesn’t make sense.

    Sorry this was so long! I hope it helped at least a little. Have a lovely day.

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    “I’d always heard that falling in love
    wasn’t a one-foot-in-one-foot-out kind of thing,
    it was more like the moment
    when you’re so afraid that you find
    you can’t scream, except instead you’re
    so in love that you can’t say a thing
    in case you mess up when you try to tell them
    that they’re you’re everything.
    Falling in love was realising that
    if they asked, you’d say ‘yes,’ even if you
    had to take a moment to catch your
    breath or imagine yourself walking down the aisle
    in a suit or dress, imagining their smile
    as you held your head high as you possibly
    could, not taking your eyes off each other.
    Falling in love was Tuesday afternoon, ‘just got
    home from work’ kisses leading to the bed,
    and Friday evening tears falling
    onto their favourite shirt as they held you
    in their arms, tight as they could as if to say,
    ‘I’ll never let you go’. Falling in love
    was knowing that you’d never leave without
    ever having to say the words. It was
    texting to check you’re okay at work. It was
    remembering just how they liked their coffees and
    teas, it was bringing an extra straw in
    case the restaurant didn’t provide one, it was
    knowing what they were thinking just
    by looking into their eyes, it was thinking you
    knew what they were thinking and laughing when you
    got it wrong, it was fighting and making up
    before you’d even gotten out of bed, it was
    ‘I love you I love you I love you’ and it was found in
    the creases on the bedsheets and the
    pen marks on the walls and the slightly ajar
    windows and the mess upon the floor and
    falling in love was knowing that
    they’d answer if you called, even if they
    were busy and even if you only called to hear
    their voice for a second.
    Sometimes, falling in love was
    tired ‘goodnight’s and red, puffy eyes,
    and stupid fights.
    But falling in love, mostly, was nights like tonight
    where you were looking into their eyes
    even though your favourite movie was on and
    all you were wondering was how anyone
    could ever be so wonderful.”

    Ideals // r.e.s

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    “Loving you made me hard, and sick
    of having such an open heart,
    and afraid that everyone who claims to love me
    is a liar.
    Now, I’m closed off at best,
    and silent most days, and I’ve never
    really trusted people
    but now my best friend is sick of wondering
    if I’m okay, and my heart is all over
    but no one can see it.
    Now, I’m mostly empty and
    often defeated.
    Loving you was the best thing
    that ever happened to me, but it was
    an opportunity that ended
    before I had the chance to show my best qualities.
    I’m afraid that you feel sick
    when you think of me.
    Loving you made me hope, and kept
    me alive for a while, and it gave me a future
    when all I wanted was to die, and
    it may of turned me into a piece of shit
    in the end, and maybe it was all
    a game of pretend, and maybe now I’m too damn
    scared to put my heart on the line,
    but some of the best days of my stupid life
    were the days when you were mine.”

    LOVING YOU / LOSING YOU by r.e.s

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the things I could be doing // r.e.s