tattoo these words onto my soul
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  • “Most nights, it’s just
    remembering things that haven’t
    even happened yet. Breathe-
    stop imagining the floorboards creaking
    under the weight of
    all the pain you carry, because
    they aren’t. You’re not as much of
    a burden to this earth as
    you seem to think you are.
    Your package isn’t so heavy if
    you look closely, pick it apart, throw away
    old worries. Rest it on the ground
    between your feet. Stop being
    so caught up in a yesterday so far
    away that it doesn’t even exist anymore.
    Stop creating a future that
    doesn’t exist either.
    You have time to heal,
    don’t rush it. Turn most nights
    into rare nights. You’re okay.”

    to myself and anyone who needs it // you’re okay

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    sorry I’m not really uploading poems or anything right now- I started college a couple weeks ago and it’s been difficult getting used to it. hopefully, things’ll be up and running again soon / I hope all of you are doing well

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    I know, trust me, I know
    that it hurts sometimes, and that
    the world becomes just an
    extra thing to carry upon your back,
    but your stomach is hungry and
    needs to be fed.

    Please eat.

    I know that this is just another
    way to compensate for the pain and
    I know that people laugh
    when you tell them you’re hungry.
    They don’t understand, I know.
    But the only way to
    stop that hunger is to feed
    yourself, please.


    I know I’m starting to beg
    but it pains me to see such a beautiful
    soul so lost amidst thoughts
    like these, and I have every faith
    in you. Screw anyone
    who tells you your plate is too full —
    fill it higher. This isn’t easy,
    I know, but it’s better to have a mountain
    of food before you than a mountain
    of worries.


    Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself,
    do it because you deserve it, regardless
    of whether you’ve spent the day
    climbing hills or sitting on armchairs,
    you deserve this and so much more and
    I wish that life didn’t have to be
    so cruel, but the only way
    to make it just a little less difficult is
    to treat yourself kindly.

    Treat yourself like you are a ray
    of sunshine, because you are.

    You are.

    EAT // r.e.s

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    “Some days I wake up and I know
    that everything will be okay,
    and I feel pretty without the paint on my face
    or the rings on my fingers, and
    I take a lot of selfies and smile in most of
    them and pull stupid faces in the others
    and I don’t delete a single one.
    I get up and leave the house and explore
    places I’ve been to before, but
    I look a little harder for the beauty in them.
    Or, I stay in bed till 3pm and grab my laptop
    and watch videos into the night again.
    Or, I do yoga and bake cookies
    and pay attention to every breath I take.
    Some days are not like this.
    Some days are more difficult, but
    that’s okay.
    Some days are good,
    and that’s a start.”

    Some Days // r.e.s

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    I just want to say, your poetry is amazing. c: <333


    thank you, this is so lovely

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    I used to keep my mouth shut
    for the fear that you would spill into
    every syllable I spoke
    as if your name was a poison
    that I didn’t want to spread into the world.

    It’s funny how things change,
    I’ve been laughing since Monday
    and never once was I afraid
    that my smile looked too much like yours
    to be my own.

    I’ve been holding your hand since
    the very first day but
    it was always pulling me back
    and now I’m
    letting you go.

    Letting You Go //  r.e.s

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    i think you're talented. i think your writing is some of the best i've read, and i read poetry every single day. thank you for existing, have a good night


    this is so nice i want to cry

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    And I’m sure people wait
    days, years, maybe decades
    just to tell the one they loved
    that they wish they’d fucking stayed
    and I’m not willing to risk a friendship
    but I don’t want to look back and think
    those dreaded words I never want
    to have to say again.

    So, let’s pretend I won’t be sorry
    and we’ll let this play out
    but when I’m trying not to worry
    my fingers trace my mouth
    because I wanna know what it’d be like
    kissing you, and right now I’m
    stuck here fucking missing you
    instead of saying I’d like to take you out.

    Take You Out (excerpt from a song I wrote about a girl I met) // r.e.s

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    “I get sad when I realise I’m hardly
    a part of your life anymore.
    You’re a text away but I can’t seem to type out
    the message. And I’m not trying to be
    soppy, but I miss you
    so much some days. This is stupid.
    You never even left, but it’s like we can’t be
    bothered to put in the effort anymore.
    You never even left, but I haven’t heard you say
    ‘hello’ in so long.
    You never even left, yet I still
    want you to come back. Please.”

    I miss you // r.e.s

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    Do you really feel everything you write about? Like how hard it is to be in love with someone who gave up on you and you still love them anyway... Do you feel that?


    I do feel everything I write about. And I have felt that. But I’m not in love with anyone right now.

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    I miss every person I have known
    and lost, and I have to remember that
    tomorrow, or a week or month
    or year from now, I will
    meet new people who will make
    me forget that there was
    ever anyone worth missing.

    Until then,
    I have to remember that
    running back to the people I have lost
    has never helped anything.

    I may miss you but
    I do not need you in my life

    by r.e.s

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    I used to be sorry for the way
    that I fiddled with my hair
    or the hem on my dress or the rings
    on my finger, and

    I used to be sorry for
    parts of myself that I could never
    ever change, like my eyes
    that gave too much away, or my smile
    that seemed to always be lacking
    or my legs or my arms or
    my hands, and

    I used to be sorry for
    saying what was on my mind
    even when it never hurt a soul, and

    I shouldn’t have been.

    I’m not sorry for stumbling sometimes
    or wearing makeup when I’m alone
    or singing loudly at home
    or saying what I want to say when I want to say it.

    I’m not sorry for who I used to be
    and who I am, and who I may be in the future-

    I’m sorry that I keep people waiting
    sometimes, or that I shut people off and hide
    inside, but I’m not sorry for being me,
    and I hope I never will be,
    and I know now that I never should’ve been.

    Sorry // r.e.s

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    “you say you wish we were closer
    as you’re walking away
    and that you hate when I leave
    though you never try to make me stay
    and you know I hate liars
    but the lies roll off your tongue
    how can you stand there and expect me
    to pull myself undone
    if you say you miss me
    then use me like a shield from the sun”

    Is That All I Am To You? // r.e.s

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when you can&#8217;t, you can // r.e.s

    “I knew you were beautiful
    without ever having to see you,
    because the way
    you spoke
    unnerved the butterflies
    resting in my stomach, and I
    could feel their wings brushing up
    against each other,
    they were so excited to
    hear that voice,
    and I was so excited, too,
    and you were so
    so beautiful.
    More than that, you
    were the fire that warmed
    my heart until
    I could finally feel again.”

    You // r.e.s

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